India Exporting Educational Expertise

09/01/2014 14:24

Higher education system in India ranks the third in the world. India has recognized the worth of educating their population which is why they are developing educational infrastructure that is equipped with state of the art facilities. With time they have developed a structure to accommodate the rising population of the country which mostly consists of the youth. They aimed at giving them a direction that would lead them and the country in a direction of progress.

It took a lot of time for India to develop a structure and an environment that would encourage its youth to attain higher education. Due to this fact, India is now progressing by leaps and bounds. Its education structure has improved. Its economy is flourishing. It has made a mark in world trade.

Realizing the strategy that India has adopted, many countries are following its footsteps. Many neighboring countries are seeking assistance from India in order to develop a similar education structure and hire the services of Indian experts. Mostly help is seek by the countries residing in the similar continent with India, as they want to progress as well and transit from an under developed nation to a developing one.

Recently Malaysian minister visited India. He came to seek assistance from India in the education sector as he believes that it is very important for the overall development ad progress of South East Asia. Malaysian minister urged India to start a new branch in of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Kuala Lumpur.IIT is a group of autonomous public engineering and management institutes of India.  India has special expertise in IT sector. Their IT industry is flourishing by leaps and bounds and Malaysia wishes to get benefited from it. These institutes are working as per quality assurance standards.

Malaysian minister emphasized the fact that every year many students migrate from Malaysia to India in order to get higher education. Many students visit India in order to get degrees in various disciplines like dentistry, engineering and medicine. Opening a new branch in Malaysia would help the students to get quality education within their country. This will also help them financially.

Around 2 million of India origin people are dwelling in Malaysia and it will also be good for them if an Indian institute opens its branch in Malaysia. Apart from educational development, it would further help to strengthen the relationship and tie between the courtiers. Taking such initiatives on a continent level will help the entire Asian region to progress.

Indian education system has made its mark in the world by developing quality education system that has institutional accreditation and works on international standards that follow global practices. Due to this fact, they have formed a solid educational foundation for their nation and others around them.